Progress Log

Sept 6-, 2021

  • Begin and finished work on the 7250 Santa Monica Blvd. page
  • Completed the King Vidor mogul page
  • Rework a number of Fort Lee pages, photos, and maps
  • Re-restored several photos

July, 27-Aug. 10, 2021

  • Completed Sant Monica and Las Palmas studio.  Composed all text, restored photos, designed page and all elements.

Mid December, 2020 through mid July, 2021

(I need a break)
Did several small projects, eventually grinding to a halt due to Pandemic Burn-out.

  • Continued 10202 Washington Blvd.
  • Starting slowly mid-Feb
  • Rebuilt several pages
  • Redesigned several pages
  • many new restorations adding them to existing pages
  • Began 9336 Washington page.

December, 2020

  • Continued 10202 Washington Blvd.
  • Redid several logo restorations

November, 2020

  • Finished Ince portion of 10202 Washington page
  • Began Goldwyn section of same
  • Continued Sam Goldwyn page
  • Redesigned Moguls page
  • Did more restorations, and redid other restorations
  • Reconfigured entire photo restoration gallery
  • Sent restorations to Marc Wanamaker
  • Began Jesse Lasky mogul page
  • Began Cecil B. DeMille mogul page

October, 2020

  • Finished 846 Cahuenga page
  • Began reading Essanay Niles book
  • Began Essanay Niles page
  • Began Culver City page
  • Update and expanded Thomas Ince page
  • Began 10202 Washington Blvd (MGM) page

September, 2020

  • Finished Metro Pictures page
  • Extensive photo restorations, including dozens of Metro photos, dozens of Keaton photos, and more
  • Started 846 Cahuenga page

August, 2020

  • Finished 201 Occidental page
  • Finished Lewis J. Selznick page
  • Completed Oz-National page
  • Completed Robbins Photo Plays page
  • Completed E&R Jungle Films page
  • Recreated or modified timeline pages
  • Restructured, renamed and relinked many Hollywood pages
  • Recreated dozens of template pages
  • Started Metro-Lone Star-Keaton
  • More restoration do-overs
  • Created a new side-by-side display format for restorations
  • Installed broken link plugin, and corrected about 100 broken links
  • Recreated many template pages

July, 2020

  • Started Lewis Selznick page
  • Started Samual Goldwyn page
  • Started David O. Selznick page
  • Modified Peerless-World page
  • Modified Fox-Triangle Fort Lee page
  • Modified Fort Lee main page
  • Modified the Bison/Sennet page
  • Complete rebuild of Before and After Gallery page
  • Over a dozen restorations redone with new techniques
  • create "Page Loading overlay
  • Create "Page in Progress" popup

June, 2020

  • Finished Sunset and Virgil page
  • Finished D.W. Griffith page
  • Started 201 Occidental page

May, 2020

  • Continued Sunset and Virgil page
  • Began DW Griffith page

April, 2020

  • Finished Selma and Vine
  • Started Sunset and Virgil
  • Reorganized personal studio photo collection
  • Repaired and reconstructed several pages

March, 2020

  • Continued Selma and Vine page

February, 2020

  • Continued Melrose and Bronson page,
  • Finished Melrose and Bronson page
  • Started Selma and Vine page

January, 2020

  • started Melrose and Bronson (Zukor, et. al.).  Making great progress when I discovered significant corruption of several pages.  After fixing them, explored the entire site discovered minor corruption of several more pages,
  • Stopped all work to fix corruption. Though I do a site wide backup daily some corruption predated the oldest of the backups. Began a process of making backups of of each fixed page individually.
  • Did a major reconstruction and addition to American Film page as I fixed the page.
  • Restarted Melrose and Bronson page.
  • Paused Melrose page again to repair and expand Balboa page, and several other pages.
  • Restarted Melrose page again.

December, 2019

  • Finished 1425 Fleming (Monogram et. al.)
  • Started and completed Talmadge and Prospect
  • Did another dozen or photo restorations, plus a bunch of logo restorations and recreations
  • Started several company main pages
  • Executive decision to skip mogul pages for now and pick them up at the end to move more quickly through the Hollywood studios

November, 2019

  • From this point on each entry takes longer as each lot has a complex history with many owners and a changing lot configuration.
  • Finished Ince page
  • Finished Santa Monica page
  • Started 1425 Fleming (Monogram et. al.)

October, 2019

  • Finished Biograph downtown page
  • Completed 6101 Sunset/Nestor page
  • Competed Vitagraph Santa Monica
  • Completed Inceville Santa Monica
  • Added to Vitagraph main page
  • Began Kalem Santa Monica 
  • Began Thomas Ince page
  • Suffering through 2 weeks of no electricity or internet.  Completed about two dozen photo restorations.

September, 2019

  • Finished Balboa page
  • Revisited Radford page
  • Updated Republic Studios with new photos
  • Revisited 1712 Allesandro page
  • Update Keystone section with new photos
  • Completed Biograph downtown page
  • Started Biograph main page
  • Added to Kalem page

August, 2019

  • Finished Kalem page
  • Began Balboa page
  • Made many restorations

July, 2019

  • Contacted Marc Wannamaker, our foremost authority on studio history.  He has agreed to act as an adviser for the site.
  • I spent the better part of June making money, and reorganizing my data to prepare for starting the Hollywood studios.
  • Created the Nestor/Christie page
  • Several more photo restorations
  • Created Hollywood sub-page
  • Created Burbank-Glendale page
  • Created page for Kalem-Glendale
  • Created Kalem main page

June, 2019

A month or organizing and doing money making projects.

Made a trip to Los Angeles Public Library (400 mile trip) to obtain a library card which granted me access to their on line map library.  Was able to update the property boundaries on a number of studio sites.

Reorganized several lists of Hollywood studios, including a fresh list of studio  construction by date.  This will go to a master list or slide show on the main Hollywood page.

May, 2019

Moved the site to a new server and spent much of the month working out server problems.  Also needed a break from development stuff.  Did manage to download some new material, did a couple of photo restorations, discovered true property boundaries for several studios, and started a redesign of the American Film page.

Spent much of the month focusing on money making work.

Made a decision to put Jacksonville on the back burner and move the focus to Hollywood/LA.

April, 2019

  • Finish Midwest maps
  • Start Studios by location main page
  • Start Jacksonville page
  • Finish Kalem jax page
  • Finish Lubin page
  • Finish Vim section of Lubin page
  • Finish Thanhouser page
  • Create Mega Menu
  • Redesigned Studios by location sub menu
  • Created timeline submenu
  • Redesigned timeline pages

March, 2019

  • Add details on American Film page
  • Completed Rothacker page
  • Complete Lubin Philly page
  • Complete the Siegmund Lubin page
  • Complete a variety of Lubin related restorations
  • Complete Chi-Philly main page
  • Complete Chi-Philly small studios page
  • Start Disney main page
  • Start Midwest maps
  • Moved site to new server

February, 2019

  • Expand and complete Selig Chicago page
  • Created several new restorations
  • Restructured Edendale pages
  • Restructured Time line page
  • Completed Essanay Chicago page
  • Completed American Film page
  • Restructured home page
  • Created new linking for time line and mogul pages

January, 2019

  • Completed Univ Fort Lee page
  • Completed Carl Laemmle page
  • Started Universal main and Universal City pages
  • Completed Pathe page
  • Completed several restorations and add to before-after
  • Completed Kalem page
  • Completed EK Lincoln
  • Completed Brenon-Ideal
  • Completed Peerless-World
  • Completed Universal
  • Completed Paragon
  • Modifications of many pages to remove borders from text boxes
  • Reworked home page: add links and add featured studio link
  • Completed Chapin
  • Completed Rambo's
  • Completed all Fort Lee pages
  • Revisit and update Edendale pages
  • Began Jacksonville
  • Expanded Neilan section of 1845 Allesandro page

December, 2018

  • Completed Fort Lee main page
  • Made modifications to Edendale main page
  • Resized images for movie making gallery
  • Created pages and links for all Fort Lee studios
  • Completed Champion page
  • Completed Mark Dintenfass page
  • Completed Centaur page
  • Completed Horsley page
  • Completed Willat Studio page
  • Did several photo restorations
  • Completed Eclair page
  • Completed Solax page
  • Completed Pathe-Fort Lee
  • Completed Peerless-World

November, 2018

Have taken a couple of weeks off.  Busy with making money and I communicated with a couple of "authorities" about the studios at 1723 Allesandro.  I have conflicting information and neither authority has gotten back to me, so I will write it up as conflicting info, including both accounts.

  • Created the Edendale 1723 Allesandro page.
  • Created maps of Edendale.
  • Reconciled my own conflicting misinformation on the size of the Sennett lot.
  • Edendale is now complete
  • Put together gallery of Movie Making
  • Begin gallery of photo restorations
  • Begin working on Fort Lee

October, 2018

  • Finish Edison, Sennett and Selig Bios.
  • Recreate Selig, Keystone, Sennett, Fox logos
  • Complete 1845 Allesandro/ Selig/Fox photo gallery
  • Complete  Studio City page
  • Complete  Studio City gallery
  • Create Selig Chicago page and gallery
  • Start CBS, 20th FOX, pages
  • Complete 1845 Allesandro page
  • Complete Wm Fox page
  • Complete Norbig, Pathe pages
  • Complete Mixville page

September, 2018

  • Create pages for Thomas Edison, Mack Sennett, and William Selig.  Complete Sennett page.
  • Create pages for all 3 Edison studios, both of the Sennett locations, Bison 101, and two Selig Studios.
  • Create pages for 1712 Allesandro and start 1845 Allesandro.  Complete 1712 page.
  • Create photo galleries for Sennett and Edison
  • Create master list of all studios.
  • Create timeline page.

Mid September took a break from page creator and began setting up a back end organizational structure.  Researched plug-ins and found the necessary infrastructure.  Spent the last two weeks of September just organizing and arranging data.

August, 2018

  • Create header and menu structure.
  • Create timeline page
  • Create templates for location and mogul pages
  • Create Before and After photo gallery of photo restorations

July, 2018

  • Create framework in WordPress, and design home page.
  • Upload a variety of images to get started.

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