Marc Wanamaker / Bison Archives:

Richard Kozarski:

article: "The Lincoln Cycle"

book: Fort Lee: The Film Town

Historic Map Works

Movie Locations Plus

UCSB Aerial photos

Dana Driskel, UCSB

Hollywood Heritage Museum

Progressive Silent Film List

Silent Studio Directory by Ed and Susan Poole, 2015

California State University Long Beach

Silver Scenes blog

Who's Who at Metro Goldwyn Mayer 1939

Who's Who at Metro Goldwyn Mayer 1937



Essanay Niles Museum

David Kiehn

Million and One Nights: A History of the Motion Picture Through 1925by Terry Ramsaye

American Masters Goldwyn: The Man and His Movies produced A. Scott Berg and Peter Jones
USC Digital Archive
Chapman College Digital Archive
A Cast of Killers

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