Can You Identify Any of These?

We need your help with information

If you know anything about any of these places and people, please help us out.  Click the contact link and fill out a quick email form.  We require your sourcing information so we can verify your information, and any public domain pictures would be extremely helpful.

Gotham Studio

Where and when was this company's studio?

Here is what we know

  • This is Gotham Productions
  • It was owned by Sam Sax
  • Descriptions say it was a Poverty Row studio, which usually implies Hollywood and environs
  • Its offices are on Broadway in NYC, as are many company offices regardless of studio location
  • The name implies the studio may be in New York City or a NYC based studio
  • The Photo on the left was posted as being shot in 1948 but the autos look older than that.  It is more likely 1928
  • The ad on the right is from the Film Year Book in 1927
  • Articles in trade mags of the time imply that the studio is on the West Coast
  • One source suggests it was located on the Metropolitan Sound Studios lot, but the lot has no areas that looked like this
  • There is a suggestion that it leased space at Tec-Art on Melrose
  • The photo was taken by "Dick" Whittington Photography, L.A.'s largest photo studio between 1924 and 1987. Whtiitngton specialized in Los Angeles photography.

Arrow Screen Company

This is Arrow Screen Company.  I have a few photos of it, but can find no information on it at all.  Because it is in the heart of the studio area in Hollywood I have always assumed it was a small studio.  It sat kitty corner to Hollywood Jasper Studio and just up the block from the iconic Pickford-Fairbanks studio (United Artists Studio).

There is another company called Arrow Film Company with a New York corporate address and references to studios in Yonkers and Southern California but no specific address and I cannot find photos.  I have always assumed these two were connected, but have no information either connecting them or not.  It is possible that Arrow Screen made movie screens, but it is located in the studio area, not in a manufacturing or theater area.  On a 1921 county map it is identified as FilMusic company.

Arrow Film Corp also had a relationship with a company called Mirthquake Comedies (Cumberland Productions) whose studio is listed as being in Southern California in a town called Mirthquake.

Can you help?

Sonoma Photo Play Corp

Have you heard of this studio?

I know it was in Sonoma, CA.  This photo is from 1924.  I'd like to find its address and see it on an old map.  Any more information on it and the people behind it would be helpful.

Need Locations, Dates, Photos

Union Film Co.-West Hollywood.  Need dates and photos and street address.

Sterling Studios, 1936 Reservoir.  Need dates, photos and map coordinates.

West Coast Films, Highland Park, CA.  Need dates and photos.

Lubin/Sterling 4555-4560 Pasadena Ave. (now Figueroa).  Need photos.

Brentwood Film Co. on Fountain St. in Hollywood.  Need photos and any information.

Thanhouser/Essanay at 651 Fairview, Los Angeles.  Need dates, photos.

Angeles Studio 2221 E. Washington Blvd.  photos, dates.

Syracuse Commercial Moving Picture Co. 625 1/2 South Olive St.  Dates, photos.

Los Angeles  Producers Pictures Corp 205S Broadway, 1921.  Need photos.

Cosmoart 3700 Beverly Boulevard (then Temple Ave.)  Need photos, property boundaries and any other information.

Monrovia Film Co (Monrovia) need photos and property boundaries.

Nevada Film Co (Pasadena) need photos.

Biograph Co, Santa Monica.  Need photos, address, dates, and even if it actually existed.

Vitagraph Santa high res, in focus photos.

Kalem in Santa  Monica.  Need address, photos, details.

Lehrman, Culver City.  Need street address, close up photos.

Willat Culver City. Need photos and street address, and verifiable property boundaries.

Cattaraugus Studio Culver City.  Have no information, need everything.

Sonoma Photo Play Co.  Need address and more.  Have only one poor quality photo

D.L. Burke Studio 5829 Moneta Ave, Los Angeles.  (per Motion Picture Studio Directory 1917) Only have this non existent address.  Need any info and photos.

HC Matthews known to be at Sunset and Gower (per Motion Picture Studio Directory 1917).  need any information.

National Photoplay Santa Monica (per Motion Picture Studio Directory 1917).  need any information.

Reliance Studio 537 Riverdale Ave. Kingsbridge NY.  (per Motion Picture Studio Directory 1917) all I have is this non-existent address

Whitestone Studio, Whitestone, NY.  (per Motion Picture Studio Directory 1917) no other information.

United Keanograph of Fairfax, CA in Marin County.  It was on 6 acres of the Pacheco Tract.  That is all I know.  Need any photos and an address or, better still, a map.

Fred Caldwell Productions.  All I have is an address: 4315 Sunset Blvd. with no other info.  Was it a studio or a production company?  Need photos and any other info.

Fuji Yama Studio and United Studio 1766-68 Allesandro St.  No info beyond the names and address.  Need everything.


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