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Ren's Restorations

Studio and Production Company Logos
restorations, recreations, retracings re-imaginations

Logo Restorations

Using the original logo, brought them back to an original luster

for best viewing results, grab the slider arrows and drag SLOWLY bak and forth

The Champion Studio Logo
retracing from two poor quality photos
Champion Studio logo-Before Champion Studio logo-After
Essanay Company Logo
Essanay logo-Before Essanay logo-After
Rex Company Logo
Rex Motion Pictures-Before Rex Motion Pictures-After
Artcraft Pictures Logo
Artcraft Logo-Before Artcraft--After
Balboa Studio logo
Balboa Logo-Before Balboa Logo--After
Ince-Triangle logo
Ince-Triangle Logo-Before Ince-Triangle Logo--After
Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo
partial restoration, partial recreation
Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo-Before Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo--After
Short-lived American Bioscope, Chicago logo
American Bioscope logo-Before American Bioscope logo--After
Carl Laemmle's IMP Studio, N.Y. logo
partial restoration partial recreation
MP Studio logo-Before MP Studio logo--After
Goldwyn Pictures
partial restoration, partial recreation
Goldwyn Pictures-Before Goldwyn Pictures Logo--After
Cecil B. DeMille Productions
DeMille Prods logo-Before DeMille Prods logo--After

Logo Recreations

Began with a blank slate.
Traced or rebuilt fresh, and crisp copies

Fox Films Logo
Hollywood, Fort Lee, Edendale
Fox Film logo-Before Fox Film logo-After
Triangle-Fine Arts logo
Fine Arts logo before Fine Arts logo after
Warner Bros. logo
recreation from poor quality photo
Warner Bros. logo-Before Warner Bros. logo-After
Producers Releasing Corp. logo.
Producers Releasing Corp.-Before Producers Releasing Corp.--After
Ince's Associated Producers, Inc. logo
Ince's Associated Producers, Inc. logo-Before Ince's Associated Producers, Inc. logo-After
Hollywood Center Studios logo
complete recreation
Hollywood Center Studios logo-Before Hollywood Center Studios, Inc. logo-After
Colorvision Studio, Hollywood
logo recreation
Colorvision logo-Before Colorvision logo-After
Selig Polyscope Co. logo
Selig Polyscope logo-Before Selig Polyscope logo-After
Colorvision Studio, Hollywood
logo recreation
Tom Mix's Mixville logo-Before Tom Mix's Mixville logo-After
Ren-Mar Studio Logo
Ren-Mar logo-Before Ren-Mar logo-After
Producer's Studios Hollywood
recreated from crooked photo
Producers Studios logo-Before Producers Studios logo-After
Climax Co. Hollywood
recreation from tiny low res photo
Climax Co. logo-Before Climax Co.. logo-After
Eclair Studio, Fort Lee
Eclair logo-Before Eclair logo-After

Logos Reimagined

If the company had survived
this is what the logo might have looked like
Reliance Studio
what the logo might have looked like.
Reliance-Before Reliance-After
Realart Studio
what the logo might have looked like.
Realart-Before Realart-After
Tiffany-Stahl Studio
what the logo might have looked like.
Tiffany-Before Tiffany-After
VCI Studio, L.A.
what the logo might have looked like.
Producers Studios logo-Before Producers Studios logo-After
Louis B. Mayer original logo
what the logo might have looked like.
Mayer Prods.. logo-Before Mayer Prods. logo-After

Please contact me if you would like a copy of this image

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