1745-1751 Allesandro St.

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Rental Lot

1745 Allesandro St., Edendale, CA
Active 1924-1934

As of 1934, according to International Photographer Magazine, the little Norbig Studio was  still in existence and renting out its facility.


Norbig Film Co.

1745 Allesandro St., Edendale, CA
Active 1913 or 1914-1919

At 1745 Allesandro, on the block between the Pathe lot and the Sennett lot, another studio was set up in 1914 by the Norbig Film Company. Norbig, built by Norton and Bigby (hence the name), was a rental film studio that provided a home for many director/producers who were just getting started (a business model that today would be called a "maker space"). Director Hal Roach worked here, making films starring Harold Lloyd's "Lonesome Luke" series.  (Hal Roach was well known in this period, but would become even more famous in the 1920s with hits including the "Our Gang" series and Laurel & Hardy, and would build his own studio in Culver City).  Charlie Chaplin also worked here briefly (1916), under the Lone Star Studios moniker for his Mutual Series of shorts, before setting up his own studio at 1025 Lillian Way in Hollywood. Other producers that operated here included French & Forman, Bronx, Reaguer Productions, Western Arts, Westwood Productions, Harry Keaton, Albuquerque Film Co (moving here from its downtown studio in 1915), Hobart Bosworth, and Carlisle Blackwell.


Reaguer Productions

1745 Allesandro St., Edendale, CA
Active 1922-1924

A small production company who occupied the studio, apparently after Norbig left.  It is not clear, as of now, if Reaguer was merely a tenant or if they took ownership.  More information as I get it.

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