Rambo's Hotel

Rambo's Hotel

1st St.,Fort Lee, NJ

Now a private home, this was one of Fort Lee's first hotels (built in 1867) and was the place where many early movie makers stayed and shot scenes. It was on a dirt road and doubled as a saloon, Sheriff's office, and many more exteriors.

Scores of films were shot outside and around Rambo's, including Mack Sennett's "A Grocery Clerk's Romance" and "Friends," starring Mary Pickford and Lionel Barrymore. Many more silent movies shot here have been lost over time through fires or deterioration.

Perhaps even more important to cinema history, Rambo's was an industry gathering place where crews and actors could exchange ideas and expertise. Sitting at long tables in the grove outside of the saloon, they'd lunch on the daily ham-and-eggs meal and work through innovative filming techniques. Every day offered the opportunity for new breakthroughs in movie making, and Rambo's was the place where ideas were shared.

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