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Alice Guy-Blaché

Alice Guy-Blaché

Lost to time, Alice Guy-Blaché was as big as they came in her day.  The first woman to produce and direct her own films,  Mme. Blaché  was not only ahead of her time but led with vision and creativity.

Unfortunately by the 1930s she was all but forgotten and by the time of her death she lived a quiet, obscure life in New Jersey.  Today he star is resurging and she is, once again recognized for her contributions to the industry.

Alice Guy was born July 1, 1873 in Paris.  He childhood was a little chaotic, being bounced between parents and grand parents, moving from France to Switzerland, to Chile and back to France, where she went to school in a convent.

Alice was a true pioneer of movie production, being the first female producer/director to achieve fame and success.  She was one of the first producers to film actual stories, and invented the art of the director.  She experimented with sound and color (frame by frame tinting). She was among the first to write scenarios for her actors to follow instead of making up as they went along.



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