Mr. Mogul's Studios:
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The unintentional mogul

Marcus Loew

The owner of the largest movie theater chain
became the biggest of all the moguls

May 2, 1869- January 25, 1933

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Lewis J. Selznick's sons became luminaries of the industry, like their father.  David will be best remembered as the producer of Gone With the Wind, King Kong, The Third Man, and Rebecca.  Myron became a powerful talent agent.  Among his clients were Katharine Hepburn, William Powell, Vivian Leigh and Laurence Olivier.

Selznick on Hiring Himself
at Universal

"This was duck soup for me.  If they didn't know what they wanted, I knew what I was after, so I appointed myself to a job, picked out a nice office, and went in and took it. This got by with bells on. People came in and talked to me about everything that was going on, and pretty soon I knew all about it."

There was no one bigger in the Exhibition side of the business.  He owned the biggest movie chain and was invested in many others.  But he was not getting the quality he and his customers were looking for, so he applied the industrialist's creed:  to own the means of production.  He sought to control the product from its manufacture to is final sale.

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