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One of America's Largest Studios of the Silent Era

Vitagraph of America

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1st Studio

Rooftop Morse Building
140 Nassau St., NYC

2nd Studio

110-116 Nassau St., NYC

Brooklyn Studio

1277 E 14th St.


Bayshore, NY

94 Fourth Avenue

Santa Monica

1438 2nd Street

East Hollywood

Talmadge and Prospect Streets

One of the behemoths of the early American movie industry

J. Stuart Blackton and Albert E. Smith were among the original movie moguls, starting their business, American Vitagraph Company, in 1897.   In 1899 a third partner, William T. "Pop" Rock joined the firm.

After bouncing around a few studio locations, they built a very large studio in Brooklyn in 1906.  Vitagraph Studio in Brooklyn was the first large, modern movie studio and  by 1907 it was the largest movie company in the country.

Vitagraph Founders

J. Stuart Blackton at the top, William T. "Pop" Rock on the left, and Albert E. Smith on the right.

See the Vitagraph Studios on the Map

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