Greater Los Angeles

The City of Angels, Downtown Los Angeles, L.A. County
and the Suburbs including Long Beach and Santa Monica, and West L.A.

Southern California was filled with studios.  Most were in Los Angeles County and the areas close by.  All were regarded as a part of Hollywood.  Greater L.A. included many studios that were downtown, and out in the Suburbs.  Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena, East Los Angeles, and the many other communities that were outside the main centers of Hollywood, Burbank, the "Valley, and Culver City.  All of them can be found using the links below..

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The Burbank area was long a favorite for movie makers.  Close to the services in Hollywood and plenty of open spaces for shooting cowboy westerns.  It was only natural that actual studios would follow.  Now, as then, Burbank encourages the film companies.

Today, in addition to major studios, Burbank and Glendale host several smaller studios and production facilities.  These include The Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Quixote, Studio Production Studios, and many others.  Burbank takes no backseat to Hollywood in the entertainment industry.

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